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See how our program works! From connecting with students, to officially meeting, the events that entail, and a look at progress/results gained from our program.

Anais & Fukiho

Anais & Fukiho Deciding when to meet online according to respective time differences.

Tiffany & Jerry

Tiffany & Jerry Meeting weekly at the determined time.

Tiffany & Jerry

Tiffany & Jerry Powerpoint tutor created with vocabulary practice.

Tiffany & Jerry

Tiffany & Jerry Powerpoint created by tutor on short phrases, based upon student's curriculum.

Tiffany & Jerry

Tiffany & Jerry Determining meeting topic (english articles) according to students needs.

Anais & Fukiho

Anais & Fukiho Student reaches out to tutor time to time online for assistance with homework. Here, the tutor helps correct the wrong answers marked and explains reasons for why in-depth in later meetings.

Anais & Fukiho

Anais & Fukiho Tutor created powerpoint on topics the students interested in.

Anais & Fukiho

Anais & Fukiho Tutors create professional powerpoints.

Anais & Fukiho

Anais & Fukiho Tutor creates comprehensive powerpoints on English basics.

Anais & Fukiho

Anais & Fukiho Tutor helps proofread/revise their school essay. Before & after pictures.

Anais & Fukiho

Anais & Fukiho Tutor helps student improve writing skills by correcting and typing suggestions digitally through their method of communication. During meetings, tutor & student revisit the essay to discuss corrections.





Through months of test preparation with their tutor, the student ACED their exam, achieving the TOP 3 highest scores in the entire high school. 

We are incredibly proud of our students and our impact!

Anais & Manelle - Meeting Screenshot 2.PNG


"[My tutor] has really helped me a lot in my English learning journey." - Jerry

"My tutor was understanding, always listening even if I didn't understand something, and very invested since she often prepared presentations with themes." - Ferielle

"​I also improved my pronunciation and learned vocabulary by reading books, and we also exchanged information about our cultures and origins." - Ferielle

"I would recommend ACE, because it's more than just a weekly exchange in English; it's an opening into new cultures, new learning methods, and new linguistic enrichment. I would like to thank all the people who helped set up this organization and its services, because you've done something extraordinary." - Manelle

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