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ACE uses its platform to raise money for club goals and different related global or local issues. ACE is gradually becoming a bigger organization and is striving to be a positive impact on the communities it operates in and the students it reaches. We also hope to be able to help our underprivileged students with any financial obstacles that prevent them from reaching their full educational potential.

In 2023, ACE hosted an in-person fundraiser at Saratoga High School!

Boba Fundraiser.png

Using the money we earned, we purchased English learning books as resources for club members!


We took action in January, as soon as the pandemic broke out.

ACE collaborated with OneSky Club at Chaminade College Preparatory School in Los Angelas to raise a total of $1715

截屏2020-07-18 下午10.49.34.png

In January, ACE purchased a total of 665 N95 masks and 50 protective overalls

The packages arrived!


We shipped 665 N95 masks to as hospital Wuhan, China, early on. The 50 protective overalls arrived in March when COVID-19 was spreading in the United States, so we donated them to the Stanford Medical Center

wuhan hospital.jpg
stanford health.jpg

Stanford Medical Center

The Wuhan Hospital where we donated masks

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