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ACE has a diversity of 14 to 18 year old high school students in the California Bay Area who sign up to become tutors. These tutors receive online instructions with curriculum guides as well as training during organization meetings in order to prepare themselves to teach students. Below are the profiles of some of our tutors. 


unnamed - Tina Zejda.jpg

Tina Zejda

I'm a junior at Saratoga High School, and I started tutoring a student in Japan in September 2021, where we shared slideshow presentations and discussion points in English. Now, I work with a Chinese student, and we practice basic conversational English together. Outside of tutoring, I enjoy language-learning and hiking.

IMG_6606 - Tiffany Sun.jpg

Tiffany Sun

I'm currently a 9th grader at Saratoga High School, and have tutored a student from China starting in September 2022, meeting every week. I have helped provide support with my student's homework, and we primarily focus on reading comprehension, where I work with my student to perfect general pronunciation and understanding of an article, as well as deeper comprehension questions. Aside form tutoring, I love reading and art, and am bilingual.

IMG_7702 - Arthur Wang.JPG

Arthur Wang

I'm a 10th grader here at Saratoga High School. I joined ACE my freshman year and I love being a member of the group and tutoring. I enjoy connecting with my students and learning more about them. Aside from tutoring, I like to watch movies, listen to music, and play video games.

GL_tutoring_pfp - Grace Liu.png

Grace Liu

Hello! I'm a 10th grader at Saratoga High School, and I have been tutoring a student from Japan for 2 years. During our tutoring sessions, we enjoy reading English books, reviewing grammar, and discussing unique cultural perspectives. Outside of tutoring, I love watching YouTube and dancing.

IMG_6195 - Leyna Chan.jpeg

Leyna Chan

I am an 11th grader at Saratoga HS, and I started tutoring a student in Japan starting December 2022. We’ve discussed casual matters like hobbies, interests and cultural differences, but I have also aided in her college application process since she will study in America this upcoming autumn. Aside from tutoring, I enjoy reading up on diseases, collecting rocks, drawing and writing.


Anais Sobrier

I'm an 11th grader at Saratoga High School. I've been a tutor starting September of 2020, and I've helped 3 students from Japan since then. I usually meet them on Saturday evenings PST for about an hour. We revise essays, review homework assignments, and go over presentations that I created based on our personal interests. Aside from tutoring, I enjoy playing percussion, writing, and drawing. 


Jane Lee

Hi! I’m a current freshman at Saratoga High (22-23) and I started tutoring a Japanese student in September! During sessions, we like to talk about the difference in our cultures, school, and events in our week that have occurred. Outside of school and tutoring, I love to write and participate in my school’s color guard.

IMG_5146 - Navya Chawla.jpeg

Navya Chawla

I'm a 9th grader at Saratoga High School, and I started tutoring a student in Thailand in December 2022. We normally meet on Fridays for about an hour. I enjoy analyzing popular English songs with my student. We've been working on her conversational skills as well as IELTS testing. In addition, we work on her resume, focus on pronunciation, and have been reading Little Women. Aside from tutoring, I love to read and travel. I am also interested in photography and video editing.

acePFP - Amy Luo.jpg

Amy Luo

Hello! I am currently a sophomore at Saratoga High School, and I've been actively tutoring with ACE club since November 2022. I am working with 2 students from China, and we meet on weekends to practice reading comprehension and fluency. Throughout the weeks, I also assist with homework guidance. Aside from tutoring, I love listening to music and spending time with friends!

Archivo_000 - Hillary Gonzalez.png

Hillary Gonzalez


Willis Chung

A1EBCB40-C1A8-4CC6-97EE-C7D24CA739B9 - S

Sophie Qin

I am a high school student at Saratoga High School and I tutor English and Spanish. I currently meet with a student from Japan via LINE where we enjoy talking and chatting about our cultures and lives! Outside of tutoring I love to do marching band and play soccer.

I'm a freshman at SHS, and I have been tutoring a Taiwanese student weekly since 2022. We explored various topics from conversational English to reading comprehension to even pop music. Every week I prepare a slideshow about something new and interesting to discuss with my student. I am fluent in 4 languages, including Mandarin Chinese, French, Taiwanese, and English. Aside from tutoring, I enjoy photography and badminton.

I am currently a 9th grader at Saratoga High, and I have tutored a student in Japan. With my student, we’ve read English books together, conversed in English, talking about daily life and school! On top of that, during the summer of 2023, I went to Yunnan, China to teach many high school students in need of learning English. It has been such a blessing to work with such amazing kids my age and learn about their culture as well. Some of my favorite hobbies include drawing, dancing, and singing, and I am more than thrilled to continue to teach many students in the near future!

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