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Past Teams



Cici Xu



Hi! I’m Cici Xu, ACE’s co-founder and president. Next year I'll be a student at Yale University. I’m passionate about empowering the voices of youth through global discussions about current events, language learning, and the intersectionalities of cultures. Outside of ACE, I am a dedicated environmental policy activist who fights for Tribal resiliency, clean energy, and environmental collective actions.

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Nithya Krishna


Hi, I’m Nithya Krishna. I’m a junior at Saratoga High School and ACE’s current treasurer. I co-founded the Middle East Tutoring Branch of ACE with Jenny and Carolyn and I have tutoring experience in the Middle East.


Joshua Fang



Hello, I’m Joshua Fang, VP of ACE. I’ve been at ACE since sophomore year, and I have tutored several students and made friends from Yunnan and Tokyo since then. I’m hoping to study international relations and philosophy, so I specialize in these areas when tutoring.

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Jenny Chan


Hi, I'm Jenny Chan. I love to tutor students and encourage them to expand their horizons through language. I have had experience tutoring students from Saratoga, the Middle East, and China. In partnership with Carolyn and Nithya, I co-founded the Middle Eastern Tutoring Branch of ACE.

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Carolyn Wang


Hi, I'm Carolyn Wang, a junior at Saratoga High and Outreach Head this year. I co-founded the Middle Eastern Tutoring Branch of ACE last year via the Paper Airplanes Student Exchange Program, and have tutored students from Jordan and Palestine.

2019-2021 (Founding Team)


Anthony Qin



Hi! I'm Anthony, a senior at Saratoga High. I oversee everything in ACE and make sure events and meetings are occurring smoothly and regularly, making most of the plans for our events. I began the club after witnessing the necessity of English education by students in Yunnan living below the poverty line. Check out my personal website:


Amy Zhang



I'm Amy, a senior at SHS. I have translated and published many articles on our public WeChat page and came up with the podcast format. I have been tutoring my student from Yunnan, Hejia, and taught her English since 2018! We have become friends and talk often.


Veronica Chen



I'm Veronica, a senior at SHS. I take notes during club meetings on minute forms and submit them to the school’s ASB each month. I maintain the club’s public page on WeChat by polishing, arranging, and publishing articles composed by club members. I aided the club’s recruitment efforts and delivered presentations to other clubs to advertise our club.


Jenning Xuan


I'm Jenning, a senior at SHS. I mainly manage raising money for the club and our different club activities. I am creative, joyful, and respectful!


Cici Xu


I am Cici Xu, a junior from Saratoga High, and one of the co-founders of ACE. I love to reach out to complete strangers, so I am responsible for pairing up tutors and students and making sure that we are all having a good time!

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