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ACE is a Certifying Organization recognized by Americorps, so our officers may distribute President's Volunteer Service Awards, America's most prestigious honor for volunteers, to qualifying members. ACE members gain volunteer hours through tutoring, penpalling, creating lessons, translating, managing outreach, and more. 

Willis Chung, 2023


Hi, I'm Willis! I won the Gold PVSA in November 2023 with 100 hours. I've been working with my student in Taiwan for two years now. Last summer, I helped translate this website into Chinese and French. I also made some videos, which you can find on our YouTube and Bilibili.

Navya Chawla, 2023


Anais Sobrier, 2023


Hi! I'm Anais (anna-ees). I've been an English tutor since my freshman year in 2020. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting my students, talking about our bizarre interests, and becoming close friends throughout the years. I translate for ACE across English, Chinese, Spanish, and French, and I create lessons on my school life, strange history, whacky facts, American news, and grammar. I've worked with the officer team to manage student-tutor pairs, update this website, film YouTube videos, plan fundraisers, and hold meetings on logistics. I earned 121 volunteers my junior year, and I won the PVSA Gold my senior year in November 2023 with 250 hours. I'm so happy I got to meet so many people through ACE, and I've become a much stronger teacher and global citizen along the way.

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