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Should children participate in activism to demand action on a major issue such as climate change?

Is reducing inequality always a good thing?

We were joined by students in India and Japan in our first discussion session.

How early is too early to plan a career/education path?

How does money drive the psychiatric healthcare industry in your country?

Discussion sessions are a great way for English-learning students to practice speaking, and for all members to share ideas and learn from diverse perspectives!

At discussion sessions, it's all faces, no screen–we pose questions about important world issues and debate for an hour!


Discussion Session #1: Should children participate in activism to demand action on a major issue such as climate change?

Discussion Session #2: Is reducing inequality always a good thing?


ACE used to host zoom panels in previous years, but we have decided to switch exclusively to discussion sessions so every member has a chance to share their ideas. Feel free to read more about zoom panels and check out past sessions!

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During the unusual summer of 2020, ACE began its worldwide Zoom panel series...

Students from all over the world joined us in discussing topics like music, mental health, and art in English

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Amy's presentation about art during the second Zoom panel session

Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 10.34.38

Veronica's presentation about mental health during the officer-only rehearsal

During each panel, we have two speakers–ACE officers/members–who lead the panel with topics of their interest

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To encourage discussion, Zoom panels are very interactive: cameras should be on, almost every slide elicits deep conversation, and many questions are posed (Socratic Style!)

Questions posed during Amy's presentation at the second Zoom panel session


Zoom Panel #4: Presenters: Robin Yu, a student from Chicago, Illinois, and Anthony Qin, president of ACE. We discussed 3-D modeling as a hobby, and music.

Zoom Panel #3: Presented by Taiga, a student from Tokyo, Japan:

Presented by Lingxiao, a student from Lynchburg, Virginia:

Zoom Panel #5: Presented by Carolyn (about making videos playing the flute) and Joshua (about his passion for social science):

Zoom Panel #6: Presented by Omkar (about mountaineering in the Himalayas) and Cici:

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