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A map of the locations of students we have reached!


Our 13 through 19 year old students from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East have expressed their gratitude towards ACE. Our tutors have helped many students improve their English skills, from speaking to reading to anything the student wants to learn. As a result, our students have shown consistent progress over the course of meeting with the their tutors, from gaining confidence, better grades in class, to increased ease at passing English exams. 

Below are some of our students' reviews! Their names, ages, country of residence, and years active in ACE are listed.

Ferielle Tergou, 16, France, 2022-Present


My name is Ferielle. I am 16 years old, and I come from France in the city of Vichy. I was paired with my tutor Mridhula using WhatsApp to message and Zoom to meet. Mridhula was very nice and asked me every class what I wanted to talk about or suggested activities. I was able to learn commonly used words ​​in California as well as diminutives. I also improved my pronunciation and learned vocabulary by reading books, and we also exchanged information about our cultures and origins. I was able to discover a lot of things through the presentations that Mridhula kindly prepared. In particular, she was able to help me with the pronunciation of words and also on the discovery of new words and the diminutives used in California. I liked that my tutor was understanding, always listening even if I didn't understand something, and very invested, since she often prepared presentations with themes. I am very grateful to her. I learn English at my high school, but with the ACE, it's different, I am able to learn English in a better way with interesting presentations and especially by talking about my daily life. I recommend ACE, because it is very rewarding, since it enables you to meet new people, new cultures, and learn English differently.

柴鋮志 (Jerry), 14, China, 2022-Present


I am a middle school student from China, and I meet with my tutor, Tiffany, on a weekly basis. We had our first lesson in October 2022 using th WeChat app every Saturday. In our meetings, we read English articles together, and Tiffany helps translate English for me. We also work on reading comprehension questions, and my English homework overall. Tiffany has also helped me improve my English reading skills and gain a better understanding of English culture. Tiffany, though she is my tutor, is also like a friend. She is always patient with me, and we have conversations about our schools and our live’s together. During our meetings, I have learned about topics that I like best through English, which makes our meetings very interesting. I would recommend ACE to others because the teachers are really kind, and Tiffany has really helped me a lot in my English learning journey.

Manelle Tergou, 16, France, 2022-Present

IMG-20230527-WA0008 - Manele 13 (1).jpg

I am Manelle, a French high school student in Vichy, and I was paired with Mihika, a high school student in California, via WhatsApp. We were able to agree on a schedule and adapt to the time zone differences in order to meet and discuss current topics or share our different lifestyles, cultures, and knowledge. Through different methods, such as reviewing slideshows, discussing, or even sometimes just focusing a topic that I had not understood in class, Mihika explained a lot to me. Thanks to her methods that are different from English classes in France, I was also able to improve my pronunciation skills by reading, to enrich my vocabulary, and to learn more about life in the United States. I would like to thank Mihika for her kindness, her time, her patience, and her investment. I would recommend ACE, because it's more than just a weekly exchange in English; it's an opening into new cultures, new learning methods, and new linguistic enrichment. I would like to thank all the people who helped set up this organization and its services, because you've done something extraordinary.

Anthony, 13, Taiwan, 2022-Present

20230611_113735 - Willis Chung.jpg

I'm a junior high school (middle school) student, Anthony, from Taiwan. My teacher is Willis. We started in September 2022, and we have been meeting every Sunday at 11am via Google Meet. My teacher teach me vocabulary, phrases, and dialogue. He also helps me with homework. We also read articles, story books, and play Hangman together. He talks about his life in the USA, and how it is different from Taiwan. Teacher use a lot of ways to help me understand articles. For example, the teacher first reads the article once, then I read again. He listens for any mistakes. Sometimes, I read first, and if I have a question, I will ask teacher. We talk about life, and then teacher teach me new vocabulary in the conversation. Teacher make a slideshow for every class, and teacher teach me grammar and pronounciation. Teacher is funny, spent a lot of time making slideshows, and patiently taught me vocabulary. My school teacher is boring because she reads off the textbook. ACE teacher's class is like chatting and having fun. My school have tests and a lot of homework, but ACE don't. People should join ACE because it's very fun!

Haruka, 16, Japan, 2023-Present

unnamed (2).jpg

I'm a 16 year old in Tokyo. I meet with Anais using Zoom or Google Meet almost every weekend. I started these online meetings in March of 2023. During online meetings, my tutor makes me presentation about what I or she is interested in. So I can gain new information and knowledge about each theme. After listening to the presentation, I express my impressions or ask questions about the theme. By doing so, my ability to explain in English has been improving. My tutor also helps my listening and speaking skill. She always responds and tells her opinions when I talk about anything. My favorite part about meeting with my tutor is that she gives me a new point of view on everything. ACE changed my way of learning English by giving me opportunities to listen and speak in English. I recommend ACE because you can acquire two skills that are essential for learning English, and gain new knowledge through conversation.

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